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AU Charity Pot Donations


Food Is Free Inc. is a grassroots, community-led not-for-profit group benefitting all Ballarat (Australia) citizens with a focus on those experiencing disadvantage and has a core purpose of assisting and promoting food security, food security education and community cohesion and inclusion. Food Is Free Inc. operates over two sites: Food Is Free Laneway and Food Is Free Green Space, both situated within a short walk of each other in Ballarat.

What was funded: With the help of Lush Cosmetics, we are now able to spread our reach further via funding for a new website, where we will upload videos of our workshops for more people to be inspired and learn from. Lush Cosmetics will enable us to further embrace our motto of 'Together We Can Create Change.'


Human and Hope Australia (HHA Inc.) raise funds to support a locally run community centre in Cambodia (HHA Cambodia), enabling them to run their own projects the way that they see fit. 

We support a mode of international development based on the needs and abilities of local communities. We fund programs targeted at families living in poverty or hovering just above the poverty line. These programs include education, vocational training and community development opportunities. 

What was funded: The LUSH grant will be used to teach 40 families to grow their own food, so they can establish food security during these challenging times.


Disposable Heroes exist to rescue unwanted roosters and give them a home to live out their years. 

What was funded: LUSH Charity Pot is helping us to build more enclosures and to install a bushfire sprinkler system to protect our resident animals after we suffered damage in the Currowan fire of 2019.


We are an organisation that protects and looks after the welfare of cats and dogs on Koh Samui. We desperately need a permanent CNVR facility to control the population and prevent it from exploding again! This facility needs to be exclusively focused on CNVR, not a general veterinary clinic, the only other major dog welfare charity on the island does undertake sterilising but it is not their primary focus – on a good day they can sterilise 6 animals, however, they also do general veterinary work and this is always prioritised over sterilising.

What was funded: A permanent CNVR facility. Now, Rob’s Dog’s clinic will be capable of performing Spay & Neuter 6 days per week with a target of up to 400 animals per month and be able to offer it as a FREE service to everyone on Samui, providing a full service. 


Better Renting is a community of renters working together for stable, affordable, and healthy homes. This project is working towards healthier homes for renters, through minimum standards that ensure healthy indoor temperatures. Better Renting will be surveying renters across Australia about their experiences and supporting a small group of renter researchers to document temperatures in their own homes through the upcoming Summer.

What was funded: This project, "6ºC of Separation", is part of our "Healthy Homes for Renters" work. Specifically, we aim to ramp up our engagement of people who rent their homes and amplify their voice through the campaign. We will do this by recruiting 'Rental Researchers' who will log the temperatures in their own rental homes. We will use this to highlight the problem facing renters and also generate media interest - we will support and train these people to be messengers themselves.


Sports clubs are a wonderful way to improve mental and physical health, yet many LGBTI+ people do not feel safe or welcomed in a sporting environment. Pride Cup Australia strives to break down the barriers to inclusion experienced by the LGBTI+ community, by working at all levels of sport to build a world where every LGBTI+ person feels included, accepted and proud to be who they are.  They use Pride-themed sporting activations and LGBTI+ Inclusion education to create safe and welcoming spaces in sport.

What was funded: The Summer Socials Series is an opportunity for us all to reconnect to be together, play together and celebrate together in the sun, after having to be away from each other and our sports and recreational activities for a large part of the year. This summer, Pride Cup and their partners want to highlight LGBTI+ inclusion in as many activities as possible - from sunny organised tennis clubs to mates playing ultimate frisbee in the park. This is an opportunity to get everyone involved, and no matter what the activity - show that we are all playing Everyone's Game. 


Climate for Change is a volunteer-powered non-government organisation helping everyday Australians to have better conversations about climate change and to take action. Our mission is to create the social climate in Australia for effective action on climate change.

What was funded: Climate conversations program where the goal is to connect, empower and activate communities in the key electorate of Ryan, Queensland. We will support them to engage with their elected representative on the issue of climate, paving the way for bipartisan support for climate action in Australia.


The Melbourne Ice Wolves are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQI+ people in ice hockey. We're working with our partner, Australian LGBT Ice Hockey and its teams to host a celebration of pride - the Pride Cup - and using that as a launchpad to create inclusive ice sports programs around the country to provide the LGBTQI+ community with better physical and mental health outcomes.

What was funded: We're hosting the Pride Cup with assistance from the Pride Cup team. This will be a competition between Melbourne Ice Wolves, Southern Lights and Harbour Lights to win the cup. It will feature a development level game as well as a main game to include all skill levels. We see this first Pride Cup as a launching point to involve the wider hockey community. 


We are Traditional Owners of Murujuga on the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia's Pilbara region. We are joining together to stop new industries on the Burrup from damaging our Songlines, our rock art, our health and our climate. Murujuga is on the Tentative World Heritage List and should be protected. We don't want any more industry there. We oppose Woodside's Scarborough gas/Pluto Train 2 development and Perdaman's proposed urea plant.

What was funded: We are holding a march on Country to connect to the Ngurra and show community opposition to new industrial developments on the Burrup. We want to bring Elders and Traditional Owners into the Country, and invite non-Indigenous allies to join us. This rally is part of our campaign against the Scarborough gas project and the Perdaman urea plant.


Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting inc, is a not-for-profit association based in Victoria Australia. Our mission is to promote awareness of the plight of our native waterbirds and to advocate for a ban of recreational duck shooting in Victoria. 

What was funded: Our project which LUSH has offered to fund involves bringing awareness to the public of what is happening on the waterways in regional areas. This will be via a series of ads and billboards targeting Dan Andrews electorate.   


The Refugee Community Leadership Program is to build the capacity of people from refugee backgrounds to shape the debate, and we open the doors for them to be heard. 

Because when it comes to decisions affecting our communities, we are the voices that need to be heard

What was funded: The Refugee Voices will facilitate a two-month training program composed of structured weekend intensives in each location. The training will involve various modules to increase knowledge of Australia’s political system, develop skills in personal narrative and storytelling, advocating with decision-makers, facilitation and organising skills and using digital tools for influence.


Fair Agenda is a community of 43,000 Australians campaigning for a fair and gender-equal future - so we can all live with safety, security, and agency.

What was funded: We’re working to develop a scorecard laying out the track record of major parties on women’s safety based on parties’ voting records on important pieces of legislation and funding commitments. 


We are an unstoppable movement fighting for a tomorrow with good jobs, great public services and a safe climate for all. 

Young people are on the front lines of the jobs and climate crisis, but we haven't seen a federal government take our issues seriously in our lifetime. That's why in the first 100 days of the new government we will support hundreds of young people to take collective action to put solutions that match the scale of the problem on the agenda.  We will use our courage, creativity and collective power to share our vision for a Climate Jobs Guarantee. 

The Climate Jobs Guarantee is a transformational plan to end unemployment by creating good jobs supporting the transition to zero emissions and preparing our cities, towns and communities to withstand climate impacts. 

We are building a movement powerful enough to win this big vision and make the government act for us (everyone!) instead of just big business. Are you with us?

What was funded: In the first 100 days of the new government we will support hundreds of young people to take collective action to put solutions that match the scale of the problem on the agenda. We will use our courage, creativity and collective power to share our vision for a Climate Jobs Guarantee. 


Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) is a movement, made up of people like you from across the continent, who aim to end the unnecessary extraction of fossil fuels while bringing about climate justice and creating meaningful change in the world. Using collective power to highlight injustices and disrupt the status quo, we are on the frontlines, transforming the way we relate to each other and the world.

What was funded: Key medical equipment for annual Tour de Carmichael events as well as supporting the ongoing presence on country by Wangan & Jagalingou traditional owners at Waddanangu


Reef Check Australia believes in saving reefs and oceans by empowering people. We are an innovative environmental charity dedicated to building community capacity to understand, appreciate, and protect the oceans through hands-on research and education. Reef Check Australia has been actively engaging the community in reef citizen science, education, and conservation activities in Australia since 2001, and in Moreton Bay since 2007. 

Given the recent flooding event, such data is even more important, with overflow water from one of Australia's largest cities (Brisbane) flowing into the shallow water reefs so often described as 'living on the edge' due to the reefs serving at the end of their tolerance zones.

Trained volunteers will collect globally standardised data on reef health including reef composition, indicator invertebrates and fish, and visual reef health impacts. Information is shared with the community through our online database, summary reports, community events, and digital communications.

What was funded: The Lush Charity Pot is supporting Reef Check Australia to continue vital reef health monitoring within the Moreton Bay region. Regular monitoring is vital to understanding local changes, challenges, and rates of recovery.

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