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Fresh without fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral which occurs naturally in some water supplies. It's found in most dental products on the market, but here at Lush we like to do things a little different...

Many of us brush and gargle with local water daily, and, due to localised fluoridation schemes, we drink and bathe in it too. Lush’s dental products do not contain fluoride. This is simply to give customers more choice when it comes to finding their perfect oral care.

Freshly made, toothpaste tablets (such as Refresher), jellies (like Plaque Sabbath) and mouthwash tablets (including Zing!) use cleansing ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, kaolin or sea salt, as well as menthol crystals, peppermint and Sicilian lemon oils to leave your mouth feeling refreshed. Combine these inventive products with a healthy diet and good oral hygiene (that includes flossing, folks) to keep your mouth feeling fresh.

If you choose to use fluoride toothpaste, we would recommend waiting 20 minutes after cleansing before using one of Lush’s solid mouthwash to refresh your breath. If you are using Lush toothpaste tablets or jellies (which do not contain fluoride), you can use the mouthwash tabs straight away.

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