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Blackberry Infusion


Blackberry Infusion

Rubus Fruticosus



Not only does the berry add a fruity fragrance to products, but it is also astringent and toning, keeping the skin firm and bright. Malic acid, naturally occurring in the berries, also supports skin's vitality and elasticity.

Typical situation: while walking on some path in the countryside, you try to take a shortcut and are suddenly stuck, pants trapped in some sharp prickles. "Ah, brambles again, why do they even exist?" you think, annoyed. And then you remember: the summer, a warm breeze and the joy of discovering that the brambles have been growing some gorgeous blackberries. The pride of having picked up the juiciest fruit out of this unwelcoming shrub and finding the hidden ones, which are the best for sure! The slightly acidic and yet delicious fruity taste on your tongue is definitely worth a little scratch.

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