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Last chance

Flame-Flame Fruit

Bath Bomb

See you on the high seas...Luffy!

Flame-Flame Fruit bath bomb. A round, orange flame-themed bath bomb. Based on the devil fruit from One Piece.
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The Flame-Flame Fruit is a devil fruit in ONE PIECE eaten by Luffy’s older brother Portgas D. Ace giving him the power to create, control, and transform into fire.

How to use: 
Drop the Flame-Flame Fruit into your bath and Ace’s signature Fire Fist attack will be unleashed with hot orange water and the fiery crackle of popping candy. Nostalgic and warm, scents of spicy fenugreek and juicy mandarin orange embrace you as you dream fireside chats and stories of adventure. The flame will burn in your heart, leaving you warm and energised long after you leave the bathroom.

How to store:
Store in a cool dry place until ready to heat things up. 


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