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Dual-use sweet cocoa and vanilla fragrance, for bath or oil burner

Gelt Melt. An oblong, honey-coloured wax melt with blue and white splats is sectioned into 8 squares spelling "LUSH MELT".
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A creamy, Fair Trade organic cocoa butter bar to melt in your bath or oil burner and fill your space with its comforting, cocoa aroma. This rich, chocolate-scented bar is part of our limited-edition Hanukkah collection, inspired by the chocolate coins that are given as gifts during Hanukkah and used to bet in the game of dreidel. This sparkling gold bar represents the gold foil that wraps the coins, while blue and white swirls resemble the drips of melting Menorah candles.

Lush sources the cocoa butter used in this product from the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Sierra Leone; Each of these sources are child-labour free, organic and Fair Trade.

What is Co-Create?
Co-Create is a product creation programme for Lush staff, aiming to promote diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging by lifting up authentic stories from respective communities.

Natalie started working on the Hanukkah collection in January 2023.

“My initial inspiration was that Hanukkah is all about oil. The central story is one day’s worth of oil lasting for eight, so a bath melt seemed like an ideal product for the festival—eight squares, oil-based, can be melted with a candle in a wax burner, or in the bath.” - Lush Co-Creator: Natalie

To use in a bath:
Break off 1 or 2 squares and add to your hot bath to melt and release the sweet, softening oils.

To use in a burner:
Break off 1 or 2 squares, add to your wax burner making sure it is on a flat surface. Add your tea light to fill the air with the cocoa and vanilla absolute aroma.

Do not add used or melted Lush melt to your bath.

5-METHYL-2-PHENYL-2-HEXENAL. May produce an allergic reaction.



Your order will be expertly protected against impact during transit by biodegradable Eco Pops, compostable packaging nuggets made from potato starch! They're easily dissolvable in water or soil.

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This product is made with ingredients that allow it to soften at body temperature. During hot spells keep it cool and out of direct sunlight.

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