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"Like others, I became interested in purchasing this perfume after loving the bath bomb Goddess. I love the Oudh oil scent! On first spray it doesn’t quite smell like Goddess but within a few seconds it dries down to a gorgeous heady scent! It also has great longevity!" - cinnamonice

"I bought this coz I love the bath bomb. This is such a gorgeous grown up sexy scent. I love it. It smells expensive and I love telling people what it's called when they ask. Would definitely buy again." - Lush girl1

"This fragrance is the perfect balance between deeply incensey and floral with a light pop of a fresh, almost citrus-like note followed by a complex and sophisticated base note of Oudh which when applied to the skin gives the fragrance a very grounded, calming but also empowering feel. It’s truly unique and perfect to wear on any occasion." - La Petit Mort

How to use:
Spritz yourself with this evocative, enigmatic oudh perfume, comprised of oudh from responsibly managed nurseries in Thailand. Smoky Caledonian sandalwood adds dark warmth to rich, resinous notes, while sensual jasmine beguiles. Damascus rose, harvested in Turkish fields at dawn, brings just a hint of floral delicacy.

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