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T'eo, a white solid deodorant, is held by its blue wax underside and applied to the skin under the arm.



Absorbent and refreshing

T'eo. A white, oval shaped solid deodorant block. It is smooth and powdery, with dried Cornflower petals and a blue wax edging.
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"Smells absolutely lovely and little is plenty for me as it keeps the sweat away and I can smell it when I’m wearing it." - charmainecharle

"This bar smells so fresh and it does it's job very well, you do have to get used to the idea of using a bar but once you have it sussed it works really well. I'll be buying again when it runs out" - kirstypage87

"As a very active person, I wasn't sure how well this would work and several eco-friendly deodorants had already failed me in terms of keeping me from getting too stinky, but this one seems to finally have what it takes. The smell is quite strong but nicely gender-neutral, and the bar is a good size and from the way it's (not) wearing down seems like it's going to last for AGES." - Lor Montgomer

How to use:

Slide this absorbing deo under your arms for ultimate freshness. Packed with lemon oil, tea tree and fresh green grapes. 

How to store:

Store in a Square Tin or on the side for multiple uses.


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