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A number of black label perfume bottles are arranged randomly, with V in the centre, lid off, ready to spritz.



Violet, ylang ylang and cedarwood

A glass perfume bottle filled with greeny-yellow liquid. A black label reads 'The Perfume Library' and 'V'.
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"My favourite perfume used to be Tuca Tuca and this is the closest one, definitely closer than Kerbside Violet. I love violet and this perfume is almost parma violet sweet but with a hint of herbiness to stop it from being sickly. Delicious!" - Karenbarr999

"This a dark green violet scent with hints of wood. There were hints that reminded me of smokey old-fashioned cocktails and the dry-down has hints of vanilla to it. Would be a perfect scent for someone looking for a unique and slightly darker floral scent as it's quite autumnal feeling." - blue_orchid

"Smells very similar to don't rain on my parade shower gel, slightly more sweet and powdery" - m.78

How to use:

Spritz yourself to experience how sweet violet leaf absolute strikes an unusual but intimate affinity with Ghanaian ylang ylang and warm clove bud oil in this floral but woody perfume. Rich cedarwood lends a depth to V’s final accord, balancing this delicate fragrance.

Sourced from a permaculture plantation in Ghana, the ylang ylang in this perfume is helping to improve soil health and biodiversity in the area through regenerative growing methods.



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