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A person with short, wavy hair smiles softly as they rub Vanishing Cream, a light moisturiser, into their cheek with their hand.

Vanishing Cream Self-Preserving


Lightly soothing and self-preserving

A swatch of smooth, light, orchid white Vanishing Cream facial moisturiser.
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Who’s it for?
If your complexion’s breakout-prone, give it the gentle hydration it craves with this self-preserving moisturiser for oily skin and sensitive skin (also great for teenagers!)

What’s in it for you?
Spot-prone skin can have a slightly impaired skin barrier, so we’ve made this moisturiser with gently antimicrobial ingredients and lightweight oils to help get it back into balance. While moisturising can feel a little stressful if your skin is oily, breakouts can compromise the integrity of your skin barrier leading to nutrient and water loss. Replenish your skin and soothe blemishes with a blend of honey, camellia and witch hazel - ingredients all known for their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

We add over 5% cold-pressed grapeseed oil for its high linoleic acid content, which has a key role in helping your skin barrier function effectively. This self-preserving version of the original formula is also made with a slightly higher quantity of jojoba oil (over 5%): a balmy wax structurally similar to the skin’s sebum that helps to boost elasticity and impart hydration without the heaviness.

What’s in it for the planet?
We love honey for its beautiful effects on the skin - but we only work with beekeepers that meet super high standards of care for bees. The honey in this facial moisturiser comes from the Barro Vermelho community in Brazil: a community centred around bee welfare, minimal intervention bee-keeping and land regeneration. Organic jojoba oil from a conscientious supplier in Peru is dedicated to high welfare standards for employees and uses gentle harvesting methods to reap fallen jojoba seeds which will be pressed into a beautiful oil.

What is self-preserving?
We want to make products that care for your skin barrier with minimal interference to your microbiome: the community of resident microorganisms that protect your skin against pathogens. The effects of preservatives on our microbiome and the environment are not yet fully clear. But, because preservatives are biocidal, we prefer to use them in minimal amounts below legal maximums, or not at all. We achieve this with clever product formulation, fast despatch from our factories and short shelf lives. Where a product is formulated to stay fresh without synthetic preservatives (as defined under Annex 5 of the E.U Cosmetic Regulations), we call it ‘self-preserving’.

How to use:
Cleanse and tone, then gently pat into your skin with clean hands. Consider this self-preserving formula a super concentrated version of the original formula you know and love. You can apply to damp skin if you prefer a lighter feel. Store in cool, dry conditions. Best used fresh within six months.



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