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Bat Mates Knot Wrap, displayed in two separate ways in front of a dark green background, on a bed of moss.

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Bat Mates Knot Wrap

Gift Wrapping

100% recycled polyester, 70cm x 70cm wrapping

Bat Mates Knot Wrap, a blue and green scattering of bats on a blue background filled with stars.
تحديد الحجم

Bat pals flutter all over this reusable Knot Wrap, designed by ARTHOUSE Unlimited, a studio showcasing the artistic talents of adults living with complex neurodiverse and physical support needs.

Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles which are washed, spun and chipped, then melted and spun into yarn. They're then woven and finally printed using a waterless heat transfer method. Perfect for wrapping a custom selection of someone's Lush favourites.

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لطالما حاربنا التجارب على الحيوانات من قبل أن نفتح متجرنا الأول، والحرب ما تزال مستمرة حتى اليوم، لذلك نحن نقوم باختبار المنتجات على البشر وتعزيز وتمويل استخدام طرق الاختبار البديلة عن ذلك دون أي اختبار على الحيوانات. اكتشفنا المزيد

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