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ليدي فلاور


Sexy and intoxicating

ليدي فلاور
تحديد الحجم
BHD 20.500

"I absolutely love the smell of this. My favourite lush perfume. It smells amazing, but I found it didn’t last, which was disappointing as it smells really strong when it first goes on." - bethanyjiarms

"I love jasmine and roses, and this perfume combines them in the most perfect way. You will turn heads, you will get asked about it. It lasts long hours and you don't even need to spray it that much. It lasted a full year of wearing it." - batalogiannielen

"I had been searching for a perfume which smelt like real jasmine for years and then I found this! It is like sitting underneath a climbing jasmine plant on a warm sunny day." - hettyaj

How to use:

Cast aside your inhibitions and spritz yourself with this striking floral perfume. Delicate rose, evocative jasmine and intoxicating ylang ylang will be sure to tempt and tantalise all day (and night) long.




سيتم حماية طلباتكم وإحاطتها بمواد الـ "إيكو بوبس" القابلة للتحلُل والتي تذوب بسهولة في التربة والماء.

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