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Lush Classics, complete with its 5 10ml perfume vials, displayed against a rustic background and pink velvet fabric.

Lush Classics


Five scents from the heart of Lush

Lush Classics. A butterfly print fabric wrapped, rectangular perfume box gift, finished with pink ribbon and a black sleeve.
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BHD 41.250

Our perfumers see making fragrance as an art form. Experience this for yourself by spritzing with the finest essential oils in this classic Lush perfume gift.

What’s this ethical gift made of?

-Fabric perfume box to keep this collection in perfect condition. The covering for each box is made from a 100% recycled polyester Knot Wrap, your gift will be one of 5 randomly selected designs.


Karma Perfume 10ml
Dirty Perfume 10ml
Rose Jam Perfume 10ml
Pansy Perfume 10ml
Vanillary Perfume 10ml

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