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Sesame Oil


Sesame Oil

Sesamum indicum



A great treat after a day in the sun or in the snow, or actually, any kind of day! sesame oil moisturises and protects the skin and hair.

Where do we get it?

Lush UK purchases this ingredient from a producer in Mexico.

With seven manufacturing sites across the globe, this information may vary depending on where your Lush products were made.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Rich in vitamin E tocopherol, studied for its firming and anti-inflammatory properties on the skin.
  • Rich in fatty acids and lecithin - a highly moisturising and protective mixture for the skin and hair.
  • Contains sesamol, a natural preservative that helps the oil remain stable and highly resistant to oxidation, which also allows product blends to last longer.

Sesame oil and sun protection

Over the past few decades, scientists have literally ‘opened sesame’ to explore the potential properties of sesame oil. Among other benefits, they discovered that sesamin, one of the components of the seed, could have a stimulating effect on melanin, a substance responsible for skin and hair pigmentation. This means that the oil could have a slight tanning effect on the skin.

The oil is also said to be one of the only vegetable oils that actively protects the skin from the sun's rays. Although it is not advisable to use it alone for this purpose, it is believed to support the effectiveness of other sunscreen agents, slightly reducing the need for synthetic ingredients.

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