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Clean and complex aromatic card for washing up

Alina. A yellow, rectangular washcard with "Alina" printed on top.
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Try out or Alina fragrance with this wash card made with fresh apple pulp for silky-soft lathers. You'll be greeted with a sweet and fresh first impression of bergamot, pink pepper and clove bud oil, along with warm vanilla. Then comes a more floral, sweet, and powdery centre with jasmine and orris oil, before finally an undercurrent of patchouli and frankincense leave a deep and woody lasting impact. Alina was created by Lush perfumer of the same name who was inspired by the generations of women that came before her. Three distinct fragrances, each representing a different generation born in the last 100 years, are blended to create a multi-layered and timeless scent. She named the fragrance Alina—a name given to her by her grandmother.

Made in Canada.


- Pink pepper oil brings a spicy aroma

- Patchouli oil is grounding and earthy

- Vanilla absolute is sweet and comforting

- Proudly packaging-free

How to use: 

Spritz directly onto your wrists and neck for an immediate dose of your favorite aroma.

How to store:

Keep somewhere cool and dry between uses.

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