Fighting Animal Testing

Iron-on Patch

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Iron-on patch is shaped around the fighting bunny logo and detailed in black with "Fighting Animal Testing" text in white.
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 The biggest myth in the world of cosmetics is that animal testing is necessary and effective. At Lush, we've never believed in this dangerous and harmful lie and, since 1995, have instead devoted ourselves to actively fighting animal testing and looking for cruelty-free methods. We created the Fighting Animal Testing logo to share our devotion with the world, and now you can add the iconic fighting bunnies to your favorite bag, jacket and more with this unique iron-on patch. Here's to keeping the fight alive.

Made in Canada


- Backing made from 100% recycled board

- Board can be recycled again

- Patch is easily added to bags, shirts & more  

Fighting animal testing

We have been fighting against animal testing since before we opened our first shop, and the fight continues today. We test products on humans and promote, fund and use human biology relevant testing methods entirely animal and animal-product free. Find out more

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