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Enter a kaleidoscope of imagination, invention and innovation. Explore four spheres of creativity spanning music, product, film and technology.

Over two days, venture across the London landscape and leave your comfort zone behind. Immerse yourself in an alternate Lush universe where chaos and calm live side by side, driving inspiration and shattering convention.

We’re pleased to announce that you can now purchase public tickets for the 5th September. Keep up-to date on #creativeshowcase happenings and announcements here.


Curiosity is the mother of all invention. Discover how curious minds have found answers to the beauty industry's biggest problems by breaking boundaries and setting standards. Get ready for product sneak-peeks, Lush Kitchen Live and, of course, the inventors will bare all with some big, Christmassy reveals...


Wanna dance with somebody? Open your ears to the sound of creativity rippling through the event. Explore a patchwork of musical talent, including experiential installations, galvanising gigs, and a worldwide album release.


Meet the independent directors mapping a new path for video. Watch their films, and learn how the Lush Film Fund is paving the way for young filmmakers to break into the industry.


Behind the soap there’s a whole lot of tech going on. Expect talks from leading techies at the forefront of digital innovation, demos of the latest tech, and debates on topics ranging from digital currency to ethical data and virtual reality.


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Discover cutting-edge counter culture by exploring provocative installations, revolutionary tech demos, game-changing cosmetic innovations, and groundbreaking performances.

Prepare to challenge your perceptions and throwaway what you thought you knew with enlivening talks and pertinent panel discussions from experts across the media and tech industries.

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