Abies Sibirica Needle Oil (silice z jedle sibiřské)

Abies sibirica



Siberian fir needle oil is characterised for its fresh, herbaceous fragrance. It is also noted for its stimulating effects; by promoting blood flow, it can help relieve muscle ache and create a cosy, warming effect on the skin.

Abies sibirica, most commonly referred to as the Siberian fir, is a tall, evergreen tree native to the Taiga stretching across Eurasia. Also known as the boreal forest, the Taiga is the world’s largest biome - a collection of plants and animals that share a similar environment - and can drop to temperatures of -50° C in the winter. It is no wonder then, that a hardy tree that can thrive in these types of conditions has something more to offer us. 

Siberian fir needle oil is a noted expectorant and antitussive (meaning it helps clear chesty coughs!), which makes it ideal in fending off winter chills.

Lush sources its pine oil from the heart of the Siberian forest, where it is obtained by steam distillation of the young twigs and needles. This must be done between May and October, as over the winter months heavy snow leaves the trees inaccessible.

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