Fucus Serratus (chaluha pilovitá)


Fucus Serratus (chaluha pilovitá)

Fucus serratus



Depending on the desired effects and consistency, toothed wrack seaweed can be finely chopped or mixed with water and filtered, before being added to our product formulae. Full of nutrients, they revive and protect the skin and hair, add shine and help retain moisture.

This olive-brown seaweed is found in abundance around the British and the Irish coasts, where it grows densely on the seashore. Each serrated, strap-like frond is about two centimetres wide and originates from a stalk that anchors the plant to the seabed.

Lush use toothed wrack seaweeds that are harvested from Poole's coastline once a week. Only the tops are cut to ensure that the plant continues to grow after harvest and the crop is carefully examined to make sure sea creatures stay home and are not taken accidentally to the shore.

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