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The famous five

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Searching for great gifts for men, women, your babysitter, dog walker and more? Orbital Aqua; a fiesta of five fantastically fragranced bath bombs, beautifully presented in reuseable, eco friendly packaging, is the perfect present for all bathing enthusiasts. For starters, Big Blue Bath Bomb, loaded with vitamin-rich kelp and softening sea salt, alleviates tired muscles whilst inspiring thoughts of sun-filled beach days. For something more stimulating, Intergalactic’s refreshingly perky, neon-coloured blend of peppermint, cedarwood, and popping candy, won’t disappoint. Avobath, packed with fresh avocado and organic extra virgin olive oil is just the ticket for glowing skin, while uplifting lemongrass oil revives the mind. Let your worries drift away as Melusine splashes into the water. Lashings of cheerful bergamot lift your spirits as carrageenan extract washes over you for sweet, soft skin. The gift goes out with a bang with Dragon’s Egg. This bomb sets fire to your senses and invigorates the mind, exploding with brightening lemon oils, popping candy and swirling sparkles. 

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