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Your questions answered

It’s so lovely to see you again - we’ve missed you!

We’re thrilled to be able to serve you once again and are ready and raring to help you with your online orders. Our Customer Care team are on hand, and very happy to chat you through our product range or even help you out with a personal consultation, you can find all the information on how to get in touch with them here. However, if it’s a quick question that you want answering, we thought it might be handy to pop a list of frequently asked questions together for you to peruse at your leisure.

Why have shipping costs gone up to countries outside of the UK?

Due to the impact of Covid-19, our international courier costs to countries outside Europe have been increased. This is now reflected in our shipping costs. You can find out more information on our shipping and delivery here.

Are the naked products safe to use? 

We sought medical advice at the start of the outbreak and all the advice we have been given tells us that the virus would have difficulty surviving on our products. As a precautionary measure we removed all testers from our shop shelves as multiple hands pick up and put fingers in the product throughout the day.  But your product will have been manufactured and handled carefully by only our internal staff who, similar to food manufacturers, are following safe practice advice.

As always when using products you should follow normal hygiene practices of applying with clean hands and storing the products in a clean, dry place.

Why are you reopening your website again, even though the Government has extended the lockdown?

The Government has always tried to encourage e-commerce to continue.  However, we shut our website to give us the time and space to rearrange our workspaces so that the staff handmaking the products and those packing the orders can do so safely, whilst sticking to the government guidelines on social distancing.  We have also split the day into shifts, so that less people are using the buildings at any one time.  It is vital that our staff and our customers feel safe and comfortable with the arrangements, so it was worth taking the time to get this right.

At the beginning of lockdown we also contacted the Government to clarify whether we should keep our product making and web orders going and they replied saying that ‘given the public health advice for individuals to keep washing their hands we see this as an important industry’.

What precautions are you taking in your Fulfilment team that make you feel confident to reopen?

We've spent the last few weeks reorganising ourselves, getting our ducks in a row and ensuring the safety of all our manufacturing teams, pickers and packers. We believe in happy people making happy soap, so we have taken the following steps, amongst others, to ensure this firmly remains the case:

  • Introduced floor markings throughout our hand making, packing and despatch areas, to make it easier for people to keep a minimum of 2 meters distance between themselves and their colleagues. 
  • The space has been redesigned to allow for increased distance between work-stations, in the interest of creating a safer and more comfortable environment for our colleagues to work within.
  • Additional shifts have been put in place to allow for a reduced number of people in a working space at any given time.
  • The same colleagues will be working on the same shifts together, to minimise unnecessary contact with members of different teams. 
  • Staggered breaks have been introduced to make rest times safer, easier and more practical.  Also time for extra handwashing has been built in.
  • We are also ensuring the provision of safety equipment throughout our manufacturing and fulfilment teams.
  • We have scheduled a rota of extra constant cleaning of the workspaces, doors, corridors and communal areas.

How are you looking after the other staff that are working?

Staff are working from home where possible, but you can read more information on the steps we have taken across the business, here:

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