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Bulnesia Sarmientoi Wood Oil (Guajakholzöl)

Ingredient / Inhaltsstoff

Bulnesia Sarmientoi Wood Oil (Guajakholzöl)

Bulnesia Sarmientoi



Guaiacwood oil scent is described as sweet, woody and also spicy, powdery, even exotic by some. It is used in perfumery for its invigorating effect on the mind, its natural fixative properties and its suave fragrance.

Guaiacwood oil (pronounced gayak) comes from a small tree, commonly named vera or palo santo. It is an abundant tree in the Gran Chaco region (which stretches over Argentina and Paraguay), with little oval leaves and blue flowers.

The oil is steam distilled from the bark and is almost solid at room temperature, but liquefies quickly in a warm bath.

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