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Litsea Cubeba

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Litsea Cubeba



Citrusy sweetness that uplifts the mind, balances skin and brings inner balance? Sign us up! 

What is litsea cubeba?

The Litsea cubeba, or May Chang tree, is a small evergreen tree native to China. Its berry-like fruits are full of sweet and lemony essential oils.

What are the benefits of litsea cubeba?

  • The sweet, lemon-like and refreshing aroma of the litsea cubeba oil uplifts the mind and promotes relaxation and inner balance.
  • The oil is often used in skincare for its antiseptic, toning, and astringent properties that help balance the skin’s sebum production.

Did you know?

Citral makes up approximately 80% of the oil, it is a fragrant compound with a fresh lemon peel scent, close to lemongrass.

Where does Lush source litsea cubeba?

Lush purchases litsea cubeba oil from a producer in China.

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