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Pimenta Officinalis Fruit Oil (Pimentbeerenöl) - Bild


Pimenta Officinalis Fruit Oil (Pimentbeerenöl)

Pimenta officinalis



The spicy oil warms and relaxes the body and the mind while cleansing the skin thanks to its antiseptic qualities. Like clove, pimento berries contain eugenol, which is a natural anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory, helping to ease aches and pains.

Pimento is an evergreen tree that’s native to the Caribbean and Central and South America. It grows up to 12 metres high and its glossy, green leaves smell of clove when crushed or rubbed. In summer it produces small, brown berries which give off a delicious aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and pepper. For this reason, it’s commonly known as ‘allspice’.

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