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Star Anise

Ingredient / Inhaltsstoff

Star Anise

Illicium Verum



With such an iconic, pleasant fragrance, it's easy to follow the stars.

Where do we get these?

Lush generally purchases spices, herbs and seeds through a distributor. They source products from different countries depending on seasonality and stock availability.

What are the benefits of star anise?

  • It's natural, biodegradable and very pretty to look at... isn't it the perfect decoration? 
  • It infuses Lush products (and the warm water of a bath) with a spicy, festive scent.

Unique stories

The Illicium verum is an evergreen tree native to China and Vietnam, widely grown in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Its fruits have a distinctive 8-pointed, star-shaped appearance with a single seed inside each follicle. They are dried after harvest, resulting in a brown, fragrant and wood-like spice.

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