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1000 Kisses Deep, a bottled, black label perfume, lies flat, with light shining through it, creating a golden cast of light.

1000 Kisses Deep


Warming myrrh and osmanthus soak

A glass perfume bottle filled with amber liquid. A black label reads 'The Perfume Library' and '1000 Kisses Deep'.
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“It's very unique this one. Sweet and spicy, but also with a bit of earthiness to it. I had the breeze catch my hair and received quite a few compliments from my coworkers inquiring about the scent. If you like the Beautiful shower gel, you'll love 1000 Kisses Deep.” - Tanyaslogic

“I was gambling choosing this fragrance, and when its arrived yesterday I was really excited. and all I can tell you, I've chosen the very best one :) fruity, warm earthy fragrance, like a hug. Last long on my skin. I was a Karma fan for many years, and Lust and Vanillary .... but this scent is truly my favourite. Thank you” - beebiegelbauer_7125018

“Complex, musky and resonant. Whenever I smell this I'm immediately taken back to the period in my life that I wore it. Its a scent you want to bury your head into; warming, romantic, sensual yet all together calming.” - skin__care

How to use:

This fragrance has you at first breath with a spark of clean mandarin to lift your heart, followed by a deep and distinctive amber perfume. Spritz yourself, it will hold your hand & never let go.




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