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A person wearing mascara pouts and poses with their weapon of choice; a Lush Lashes mascara wand, featuring super fine bristles.

Lush Lashes


Luscious lengths

A tube and wand of Lush Lashes mascara, both made of black Lush plastic, are positioned in front of a swatch of black mascara.
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Lush Lashes is our cruelty-free and volumising jet black mascara that harnesses the benefits of low preservative and natural lash conditioning ingredients to deliver long-lasting volume, separation and luscious lengths! This non irritating, buildable black mascara is unlike any other.

94% of testers noted significant lash definition whilst using Lush Lashes and 84% agreed that they’d recommend Lush Lashes to their BFF, the ultimate test for a new makeup bag staple! You do you, Lush does lashes.

Simply sweep this black mascara onto the lashes, applying a few coats of the gentle, buildable formula until you achieve your desired look.

What's inside counts

Conditioning coconut oil and protective acacia gum work together to protect and coat the lash hair, holding a curl and keeping pigment in place all day (reducing the risk of unwanted smudging!) Last but not least, wonder ingredient wheatgrass infusion contains a whole host of vitamins, minerals and proteins, which encourages lash growth throughout wear - bonus!




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