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Prune umeboshi (Prunus mume)


Prune umeboshi (Prunus mume)

Prunus Mume



Umeboshi is a pickled little plum with a fresh, fruity and acidic smell. Containing high levels of citric acid, the fruits cleanse the skin deeply and leave it softer and brighter.

The fruit is popular in Japan, China and Korea and has been known for centuries. ‘Umeboshi’ means ‘dried plum’ in Japanese. In fact, the fresh ume plum is selected from the tree, usually in June, then washed and salted before being sun-dried. When it gets small and wrinkled, it is put in barrels and macerates for several months with shiso leaves. These help to preserve and give ume plum a red colour. The taste is sweet and sour, depending on the quantity of salt used.

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