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Infusion de feuille de noyer (Juglans nigra)


Infusion de feuille de noyer (Juglans nigra)

Juglans Regia



Walnuts can be surprising! The fruits are delicious of course, but did you know that the leaves have antiseptic qualities and can also give a weak tanning effect?

Where do we get walnut leaves?

Lush purchases dried leaves, herbs and flowers from multiple suppliers who source them from different countries around the world depending on species, season and availability. They must comply with Lush's buying policy which encourages growers to move away from the use of hazardous pesticides. Periodic, case-by-case spot checks are also performed to detect pesticide residues on the ingredients entering our factories.

Walnuts and self-tan

Anyone who has ever removed the outer layer of a fresh walnut by hand may have been annoyed by the very dark stains it left on their fingers, especially if it was a black walnut. This is due to a molecule called juglone which is present in various concentrations in different parts of a walnut tree. This compound is very similar to lawsone, the dye molecule in henna, and colours the skin just as well.

But don't worry, we don't want your skin to be that stained (plus, high juglone exposure isn't good for you). Even though green walnut leaves contain juglone, it is in a much lower concentration than black walnut fruit. Steeped in hot water to create an infusion, the leaves deliver just enough to temporarily make skin appear ever so slightly more tanned than usual.

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