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Cinnamomum zeylanicum; Citrus aurantium dulcis



Do yourself a flavour and try cinnamon and orange together. What a burst of winter festivities realness it is!

The cinnamon tree is native to Sri Lanka. The outer bark is stripped away and left to dry out into copper-coloured curls, commonly known as cinnamon sticks. The spice is cherished for its comforting, spicy aroma and its stimulating properties on the skin and blood flow. It is also an incredible cleansing herb with powerful antiseptic properties.

Oranges also cleanse and help the skin and hair to glow. The benefits of this juicy fruit are thought to come from potassium, folic acid, and high amounts of vitamin C, which together with lutein help improve skin elasticity.

Infusions are prepared at Lush manufacturing sites by wrapping fruits and spices in a piece of muslin cloth which is then dipped into hot water and left to infuse.

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