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Hyssopus Officinalis



Calming but also tonic and astringent, hyssop oil helps keep the skin looking fresh and clear. It has a warm and sweet camphoraceous scent that is said to clear the mind.

From the same family (Labiatae) as mint, sage and nettle, hyssop is an aromatic herb with small purple flowers and bright green leaves. Often found in kitchen gardens, it's been used as a spice for centuries, as well as a remedy for respiratory problems and general healing in folk medicines.

With hyssop being such an ancient staple herb (it’s even mentioned in the Bible) and being renowned for its potent health benefits, it seems a bit odd that it isn’t used more in modern medicine or cosmetics. This is probably because the essential oil can cause epilepsy and hypertension when misused and therefore should be dosed with great caution and care, especially when taken internally. At Lush, we use a very small amount of the oil in our products and follow regulations and recommendations. 

Hyssop oil is purchased through a distributor who works with several European producers depending on availability (most often in England, Spain, France and Eastern Europe).

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