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Reusable packaging: gifts that keep on giving

Stack ‘em, wrap ‘em, and pack ‘em! Whether you are the giver or the receiver, everyone loves a big reveal. The gift industry, however, can be a difficult space to navigate when searching for an eco-friendly present that has a positive impact on the planet.

It’s a wrap.

The paper used to wrap our unique gift range comes from multiple sources, some is 100% recycled, some is up-cycled cotton T-shirt off-cuts, others are Lokta papers from Nepal and banana fibre paper from Zambia, but all are ethically, sustainably and creatively made...  

100% recycled

Supporting 100% recycled paper is really important to us at Lush. The mill collect more than 1.5 million tons of recovered paper per year. No primary fibres are used for our paper production. For every tonne of 100% recycled paper produced, 70% less water is used compared to virgin fibre and 60% less energy is used. Using their own power plant, 100% of the steam required and 25% of the electrical energy required is generated on site. It only takes 1.2 tonnes of waste paper to produce 1 tonne of recycled paper whereas it takes 2.5 tonnes of wood to produce 1 tonne of virgin fibre paper. 

The Sweetest Thing gift’s candy inspired paper is 100% recycled and recyclable, and for Christmas 2021 A Very Happy Lush Christmas is wrapped in 100% recycled paper with a silver foil added for some Christmas glamour. If you are worried about whether foil papers are recyclable, do the scrunch test. If the paper scrunches and remains creased, it can be recycled.  

Banana Paper

Aware that more than one million tons of paper is used every day globally, one day in 2007, Satoko Ekberg from Japan and her husband Peo from Sweden hit upon an idea together with local Zambian women and banana farmers. They realised that Banana plant stems could be used to create a holistically sustainable paper fibre. 

The most important ingredient of paper is plant fibre, usually coming from softwood trees which can take between 7 and 20 years to reach a ‘harvestable’ size. However, banana plants take just a year to grow. After the fruit has been harvested, the farmers have to cut the stems down to allow new fruit to be produced the following year. The team realised that the banana plant stem, which had most often been thrown away as waste, contained significantly strong fibre, fibre that was perfectly usable for making paper.

Peo and Satuko set up Banana Fibre processing in Zambia for banana paper with the desire to solve both environmental problems such as world forest and wildlife reduction and social issues such as poverty problems in developing countries and women’s independence support.

The shower gift All The Best is beautifully covered in this sustainable wrapping and for Christmas 2021 the Winter Warmer gift joins the range.  

Khadi Paper - Cotton rag paper 

Khadi started in the early 80s when Nigel partnered with Vasudevan, a master paper maker. Sadly he passed away in 2012 and now his skill and knowledge live on as his brother Sabbu and cousin Shrikumar continue the business. The cotton t shirt offcuts get sorted and thread and labels are taken out, they do not use dye and buy in the cotton off cuts that are the required colour. The cotton rags are shredded and pulped before being made into the sheets of paper we use. 

Find this sustainable paper wrapping the gentle and comforting Honey I washed the kids gift. And for Christmas 2021 we have added a silver foil to the cotton rag paper for the sweet and sleepy Christmas Bliss gift. 

Printing outside the box

We’ve got square ones, we’ve got round ones, we’ve even got ones with eight corners, and the one thing they have in common? They have been designed to ‘stack’ around. Our printed gift boxes break boundaries with their eye-catching designs and unusual shapes, so you can regift them, or keep as a handy home for craft supplies. So as you unravel the ribbons unbox your imagination and let the many possible reasons to reuse come to life. 

In most cases Lush gift boxes are produced in the UK, since 2010 we have been working with a supplier where creative processes such as the constructional design, digital prints, and die-cutting all happen in-house. They print lasting and decorative designs onto the recycled cardboard so that the versatile storage space also doubles up as gift wrap.

Once printed and cut, an assortment of boxes are sent to the Lush gifts departments all around the world, flat-packed on pallets and ready to be assembled by the helpful global Lush elves. By flat-packing their products, the supplier is now able to fit 64 pallets worth of pre-assembled boxes onto just six pallets! This helps to keep their carbon footprint from transportation at a minimum. 

When the boxes spring to life, they are filled with Eco Pops, Lush’s biodegradable packaging pops, to protect the sustainably sourced cosmetics.

On a roll

Round, long, and incredibly strong, our gift tubes are made from layers of paper. Making sure the contents of your gift arrive in a totally tubular condition, the reusable paper tubes are sure to get those festivities on a roll! Layers upon layers of paper are laminated together to make a thick and sturdy plie, before being wound around a mandrel to create the cylindrical shape.

Once the tube is wound, they are then cut into long lengths before the gift label wraps are applied, giving the tubes their distinct designs and place in the Lush gifts collection. So after the lids have been popped open, and the festivities are winding down, why not repurpose your tube into a stationary pot or a trusty bath bomb tube?

Explore an explosion of colour and reusable packaging of all shapes and sizes in the gifts collection. Each gift has a story, what will yours reveal?

Kezdőlap - Reusable packaging: gifts that keep on giving

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