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Alkoholos ábécéfű-kivonat


Alkoholos ábécéfű-kivonat

Spilanthes oleracea

Jótékony hatások


Alcoholic Tincture of Electric Daisies sounds like a post-rock band name (and it would probably be a good one), but it's actually a very analgesic, tingling and relaxing material to use in mouthcare and skincare products.

A member of the daisy and sunflower family, these pretty little flowers add a citrus flavour with a jolt of fizzy electricity.

When used in products for the mouth or teeth, electric daisies give a unique feeling of tingling on your tongue and increase salivation. They also have anaesthetic properties and are commonly used to ease toothaches. The compound responsible for these effects in the mouth is also responsible for relaxing the muscles of the face and therefore reducing the appearance of wrinkles when applied on the skin.

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