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Cipruslevél és vaníliarúd-kivonat


Cipruslevél és vaníliarúd-kivonat

Cupressus sempervirens; Vanilla planifolia; Propylene Glycol

Jótékony hatások


Although the resinous cypress and the sweet vanilla don’t seem to have a lot in common, their scents are both known to soothe the spirit. They are infused together in propylene glycol, a veg-based humectant that conditions and hydrates the skin and hair.

Cupressus sempervirens (sempervirens meaning evergreen) is a species of the cypress tree, native to the Mediterranean. It is a tall conifer, reaching heights of 140 feet, with small flowers and brownish-grey cones.

The leaves have a clean, woody aroma which is believed to be calming during times of emotional stress and to stimulate feelings of joy and happiness. They also have antimicrobial properties and stimulate blood circulation, which means that they will cleanse and revive the skin.

Renowned for its sweet, warm and comforting fragrance, vanilla is soothing and antibacterial when applied to the skin. Vanillin, its main aromatic compound, is an antioxidant and contributes to restoring skin's brightness and softness. 

Vanilla beans (pods) are the dried unripe fruits the orchid vanilla planifolia. Native to tropical America, it can grow in most tropical areas near the equator. Each flower is pollinated by hand to produce a single bean that is normally harvested after eight or nine months and then pass through a complex curing process before resembling the black-brown fragrant spice we all know. 

Lush purchases vanilla beans from the Ndali farm in Uganda.

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