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Bright & Beautiful - The Benefits of Vitamin C on Your Skin by Keeks Reid

If you were to ask me my favourite skincare ingredient, I would say that vitamin c is one of the most impactful ingredients to add into your regimen. It has multiple benefits for a range of skin types and improvements can often be seen within a matter of weeks. So, I was more than curious to try the Bright and Beautiful Vitamin C Exfoliating Facial Scrub, Lush’s first ever vitamin c product. 

Why is vitamin c so impactful?

Well, it’s an antioxidant that not only helps to brighten the skin but also can help promote collagen production and even out patches of hyperpigmentation. The biggest benefit though is the protection it can give against environmental impact and free radicals– tiny molecules in the air that can harm the skin and trigger ageing. Using vitamin c daily can stop these in their track and in turn keep skin looking healthier for longer. 

I’ve used many, many vitamin c products in my years, serums, creams, oils and even cleansers but never a scrub. The formula is packed with ingredients that work in tandem with the Vitamin C including rose absolute and charcoal powder. Rose is great for calming redness and charcoal helps with detoxifying the skin by deeply cleansing pores. 

This product can be used in two ways, which I love. Firstly of course, as a scrub. I tend to use chemical exfoliants on my face so I was a little apprehensive about using a physical scrub for the first time in a while but I had nothing to worry about, the texture isn’t harsh at all. When using the product this way, I mix a small amount– about two fingertips full– with warm water and rub gently around my face, concentrating in the centre at the start as this is where I get the most congested pores and then working outwards. The scrub is a deep grey/black colour, thanks to the powder charcoal in the formula but as you use it and it mixes with water it turns pink which is fun. As a scrub, I tend to use in the morning, it’s super invigorating and I feel like it sets my skin up for the day. Afterwards, I’ll tone, pop on a serum, a moisturiser (at the moment I’m using Enzymion, which is wonderful for oily/combination skin like mine and sits well under makeup) and then finish with SPF. I feel like the scrub creates the perfect base for a solid skincare routine. 

The second way is as a mask. If you have oilier, congested skin I would say this is a really effective way of using this scrub. It’s a great pre-makeup mask as it helps to balance skin thanks to the charcoal, calm redness thanks to the rose and of course the vitamin C works its wonders, brightening and improving skin texture. I apply it to cleansed, dry skin and then let it sit on for about 10-15 minutes. It’s great because sometimes masks containing charcoal can feel tight because they dry out as they sit on the skin but this one doesn’t at all. Even if you mainly use the scrub as a scrub, I would say it’s a great idea to allow it to sit on the skin every now and again as the longer it’s on the skin the more time it has to penetrate and allow the ingredients to work their magic. Plus, it’s fun to look like the moon emoji once in a while! 

The concentration of vitamin c in this product sits at 10%. It’s a solid entry level for vitamin c if you haven’t used it before or if you have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry about irritation at this percentage, it’s low enough to not irritate skin but high enough to see a different in the skin– for me, that’s the percentage sweet spot. I’ve been using it twice weekly as a scrub and once a week as a mask, which is what’s working for my skin type and has made an impact on my tone and texture. If you’re in the market for a new vitamin c product, I highly recommend giving this scrub a go. It’s a crowd-pleasing scrub with effective ingredients and works for vitamin c newbies and hardcore fans alike, plus it looks and smells amazing– I mean, who doesn’t love a glittery pink skincare moment?

Keeks started her career in beauty journalism in 2013 as an editorial assistant, working her way to acting editor of Blackhair magazine at 23 years old. She now works as a freelance beauty editor, consultant and content creator for a range of consumer and trade magazines, websites, beauty brands and salons.

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