How to conceal, contour and highlight with Trix Sticks

Makeup with benefits is in; makeup that works for your lifestyle and your skin, as well as the people and places that produce it.

Enter Trix Sticks: packaging-free, multi-use concealers packed with sustainably-sourced ingredients that are good for your skin and the environment.

These handy concealer sticks are designed with you in mind. The hydrating sweet almond oil and shea butter base makes application a dream, while keeping skin hydrated and happy. The versatile concealers can also be used to highlight, contour or bronze; so no matter the look, Trix Sticks can help you nail it. Here’s how:

Whether you want to brighten under the eyes, frame your face, or bronze, Trix Sticks’ luxuriously creamy texture means they’ll glide effortlessly onto the skin. Warm between the fingers to touch up particular points, swipe across skin, or blend in with a brush for a focused finish. Trix Sticks blend seamlessly when used over bare skin, or cream based foundations like Slap Sticks.


Concealing can brighten the skin and cover up spots, scars and under-eye circles. Using a Trix Stick that’s a little lighter than your skin tone works well for this technique:

  1. Warm up the product on the back of the hand.
  2. Dab onto your chosen area and allow to sink into skin.
  3. To cover a wider area, such as under your eyes, swipe product directly onto skin and use a brush or makeup sponge to blend.


Contouring is a technique you can get creative with. Looking to frame your face? Want to make your highlight pop? Contouring is the perfect way to do so. For this technique, choose a shade at least two shades darker than your skin tone or foundation:

  1. Using the tip of the Trix Stick, glide over the areas you would like to contour. This may be under the cheekbones, the jawline, or onto your temples.
  2. Using a medium sized fluffy brush, blend in small circular movements to buff away obvious lines. If your fingers are your favourite tools, use fingertips and work in quickly using small upward circular movements.
  3. To create more depth, re-apply to layer up, and blend again. If you’re looking to make your eyes appear larger (cut your crease) use a small fluffy brush to apply, and blend into your socket line.


While highlighting with shimmery products is fun, sometimes you just want to brighten skin and add dimension to the face. Choosing a Trix Stick two shades lighter than your own skin tone will provide a quick and easy brightness boost.

  1. Swipe the product directly onto skin to highlight the areas you want, such as under the brows, the inner corners of the eyes, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose, or the cheekbones.
  2. Use a tapered brush to blend using small circular movements, or dab with a makeup sponge for fuller coverage.


Looking for a sunkissed dewy glow? Want to add a little extra colour to your look? Trix Sticks are great at giving a bit of extra warmth to your skin. You can also frame the face with this technique as the creamy consistency of the product blends seamlessly:

  1. Apply product to any areas you want to give a little bit more glow, such as the hairline, or the cheeks.
  2. Use a medium sized fluffy brush to blend using small circular movements, or dab with a sponge for a bolder colour. You can also use your fingertips to blend, using circular movements towards the top of your cheekbones.
  3. For a striking bronzed look, swipe product on any areas the sun would hit, like over the nose and above the brows, then blend.

Glow your own way

These are a just a few tips to help you get to grips with Trix Sticks. Got another way? Let us know - these versatile concealer sticks are designed to make creativity easy.

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