4:20 perfume sits on a round of wood, with a smoky backdrop and green foliage. A branch pertrudes the top left corner.



Smoky CBD mood booster

A glass perfume bottle filled with amber liquid. A green label reads 'CBD Perfume', '4:20PM' and '100MG CBD'.
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How to use:
Take your time and unwind with this grounding CBD infused perfume with earthy notes of sandalwood and patchouli. For fragrance with wellbeing benefits, spritz 4:20pm to the pulse points so that you can really press the reset button.

We recommend up to 6 spritzes a day for an even distribution. 

This product can be layered with other CBD products for a whole body experience.

Please note:
Children and pregnant or breastfeeding adults are recommended to seek advice from your doctor or medical professional before trying.

International shipping on this product is limited, please contact Customer care for more details.

To learn more about CBD, check out this article.




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