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Lucky Bunny Knot Wrap

Gift Wrapping

100% recycled polyester, 50cm x 50cm wrapping

Lucky Bunny Knot Wrap, playful bunny characters enjoying a family celebration, illustrated by Hong Kong-based Curry Cheung.
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Knot Wrap Number: 382 

A playful 50cm Knot Wrap design featuring happy bunnies celebrating and wishing that ‘Everything Goes Well’ for the new year. Designed by Curry Cheung, a Hong Kong-based illustrator who made these playful bunny characters enjoying a family celebration. This Knot Wrap is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are washed, spun and chipped, then melted and spun into yarn, before being woven and finally printed using a waterless heat transfer method.

To help guide the creative process of 2023's Lunar New Year collection, we have collaborated with our talented teams within Lush who celebrate and observe Lunar New Year in our East and South East Asian markets. 



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