A blonde haired mermaid with a turquoise bra and tail has been created out of Mermaid Fun, and is now waiting to be put to use.



Aquatic legends

A cross section of deep blue, soft peach and bright yellow striped Mermaid Fun.
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"I realise this might be for kids, but I bought it for me and I have no regrets! Smells lovely, really moisturising, and it's more like a soft soap than a bubble bar so you feel nice and clean after." - lvmorris

"This is amazing stuff my daughter absolutely loves it she throws a little bit in first to see how many bubbles she can make then we use a blob of it in the bath she loves play doh and the best of times but play doh for the bubble bath that she can wash herself with that’s a winner there ! Well worth the money to see the smile on her face! It smells really nice as well my daughter isn't the only one to use I use it myself!!" - Stacielynda98_6

"Make Bath time fun again with these appropriately named marvellous little inventions. You can crumble these under water to make bubbles, you can wash your hair and body with it and not only that but you can make all sorts of amazingly fun things with them. They all smell amazing too. Great invention. Fun for all ages." - Karen Whittard

How to use:

Shape and lather this lime-scented cleansing dough in the bath or shower. Then use to wash hair and body.

How to store:

Keep somewhere cool and dry until ready for some good clean fun.

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