Set In Stone


A scent journey through nature

Set in Stone. A floral garden print fabric wrapped, rectangular perfume box gift, finished with pink ribbon and a black sleeve.
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Inspired by the English countryside and travels further afield, the second volume of fragrances released in Lush was entitled ‘Set in Stone’.

To illustrate the deep connection with nature, a stone circle installation was built in the Dorset countryside on the isle of Purbeck. To bring the scents to life, each stone was scented with a different perfume from the volume. 

What’s this ethical gift made of?

-Fabric perfume box to keep this collection in perfect condition. The covering for each box is made from a 100% recycled polyester Knot Wrap, your gift will be one of 5 randomly selected designs.


Furze Perfume 10ml
Flower's Barrow Perfume 10ml
Devil's Nightcap Perfume 10ml 
Sun Perfume 10ml
Sikkim Girl's Perfume 10ml

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