The Art Of Bathing. A large, square box, printed with a vibrant geometric design, featuring orange, pink, yellow and blues.

The Art Of Bathing


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The Art of Bathing partly opened onto a light blue background, with some of its products and eco packaging pops being displayed.
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This handmade gift is perfect for the expressive bath art lover in your life. Something for every mood to create a masterpiece in their tub.

What’s this ethical gift made of?

- Box: Made from 100% recycled board.

- Ribbon: 100% recycled polyester made from recycled drinks bottles. The bottles are collected, then prepared and melted through what looks like a showerhead to make yarn. This is spooled onto a cone and sent to the UK where it is woven into ribbon and then dyed.

- Eco Pops: Your gift will be packed with these expanded starch biodegradable product protectors.

Regift, reuse again or recycle.


Avobath Bath Bomb

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

The Mini Comforter Bubble Bar

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar 100g

Groovy Kind Of Love Bath Bomb

Peach Crumble Bubbleroon

Twilight Bath Bomb

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

Mini Brightside Bubble Bar

Sleepy Bubble Bar

Mermaid Tail Bubble Bar

Deep Sleep Bath Bomb 

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb 

Butterball Bath Bomb

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