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Ginseng in Polvere (Panax ginseng)


Ginseng in Polvere (Panax ginseng)

Panax ginseng



Used as a tonic for the body and mind for centuries in Chinese medicine, ginseng powder not only brightens the skin by stimulating circulation, it is also supposed to help keep it firm thanks to its many antioxidant components.

Panax ginseng is one of the many varieties of ginseng growing in the world. Although it is a trailing ground cover plant producing small red fruits, it is cultivated for its valuable roots that are used fresh or dried and ground in food, cosmetics and traditional Chinese medicine.

Also known as Chinese ginseng, it is believed to have the most medicinal properties of all ginseng varieties, although its fabled rejuvenating, healing and aphrodisiac benefits have not been scientifically proven to date.

The root is surrounded by mystery and superstition. One of the best-known myths is that a Chinese herbalist by the name of Li Ching Yun, who is claimed to have lived to the respectable age of 256, would have named ginseng as one of the herbs he took for its longevity. The word Panax means "the cure for everything" in ancient Greek, after all! Whatever one chooses to believe, ginseng definitely leaves no one indifferent.

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