Polvere di Baccello di Piselli (Pisum Sativum)


Polvere di Baccello di Piselli (Pisum Sativum)

Pisum Sativum



Peas are green, pea pods are too; they colour products - and a bath or two.

A member of the Fabaceae family, Pisum sativum is a herbaceous plant that grows pods (also called husk) containing several, perfectly aligned, round seeds, also known as peas.

Typical of the food industry waste, pea pods are often thrown away after their peas have been collected. Yet, they contain proteins, nutrients and fibres of interest. In recent years, creative minds have started to reuse them as dietary supplements among others.

Pea husk powder is purchased from an Austrian supplier who uses locally grown peas. Their focus is to positively impact the planet by creating GMO-free, sustainable and organic products that are as natural and unprocessed as possible.

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