Decotto di Banana Platano (Musa paradisiaca)

Musa paradisiaca



Plantain bananas are boiled with water to obtain a concentrated, moisturising and emollient paste.

Where do we get it?

Nearly all of our fresh fruit and vegetables are purchased from the same specialist distributor, whom Lush UK has been working with since 2005. Depending on the time of year, they source products from different countries to try and have availability all year round. They work hard to supply as much organic products as possible and provide the highest quality available the rest of the time.

With seven manufacturing sites across the globe, this information may vary depending on where your Lush products were made.

What is a decoction?

Decoctions are made in-house at Lush by boiling raw materials in water until one-third or half of the water evaporates. This creates a very condensed paste, often very aromatic.

What are the benefits of plantain for the skin?

  • softening
  • moisturising

Unique stories

The banana plant (Musa paradisiaca) is a huge, long-lived herbaceous perennial - some have been in production for over a hundred years. The trunk consists of tightly wrapped leaf sheaths. Its true stem pushes up from the centre and grows flower spikes or buds. Blossoms grow into upturned ‘fingers’, a.k.a bananas.

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