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Monsters and Aliens

Monsters and Aliens


  • Vegan
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"This must be one of the worst kept secrets with Lush products, but that's fine as it's something that should be published - Do you want to smell of the cherished patchouli and black pepper Lord of Misrule scent without paying the price tag for the perfumes or the shower cream? Use Monsters and Aliens fun! Seriously, the fact that this works well as a soap, shampoo and bubble bath is fantastic and matched with the Rough with the Smooth body scrub once or twice a week this product is ideal." - Adam.H

"This year has been my three year olds first experience of lush and we started with ickle baby bot and have moved onto the big leagues. We both absolutely love this. It’s so colourful and takes the chore out of bath times. Once you unwrap it, it even comes with cartoon eyes to stick on. Shampoo, soap, bubbles...whatever you desire it does..." - starbuck84

"Love the smell love the colours love everything about this. lasted me 6 baths and I will be 100% buy it again so relaxing and fun at the same time LOVE LOVE LOVE" - bethnapper_665

Fighting animal testing

Lottiamo contro i test sugli animali da prima che aprissimo il nostro primo negozio, e la lotta continua oggi. Testiamo i prodotti sugli esseri umani e promuoviamo, finanziamo e utilizziamo metodi di test alternativi completamente privi di animali e prodotti animali. Per saperne di più


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