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Night time Skincare Routine: Balance and Clarify

After a long day, natural ingredients such as Fair Trade Organic Aloe Vera gel and Tea Tree offer a  purifying and balancing evening skincare routine.

Step 1: Cleanse

Massage Tea Totaller (plastic free!) solid cleansing balm over your skin and let antimicrobial Tea Tree Oil and antiseptic sage oil get to work. Remove with warm water and a cloth.

"This cleanser has been more effective with reducing my acne and hyperpigmentation in just a couple of weeks than any other cleanser I’ve used."<br>

Amy_ann | Tea Totaller review

Step 2: Second Cleanse

Next, gentle exfoliation with Herbalism Fresh Cleanser. Take a pinch and add water, working it into a soft paste to let the ground almonds gently stimulate circulation, and nettle, rosemary and rice vinegar extract work together to cleanse and clarify spot-prone skin while providing a glow.

"This is the best facial scrub i've ever used. It is simple, doesn't require chilling, and works wonders on my oily skin"<br>

Kyliegreaves_6681613 | Herbalism review

Step 3: Mask

Because we’re a little bit extra, we recommend a mask two to three times a week and Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask is just the thing to help combat breakouts with fresh grapes, garlic and tea tree oil. 

"If you are prone to outbreaks, this really does work. My skin is super soft too....bonus!"<br>

Nadine.bearman | Cosmetic Warrior review

Step 4: Tone

Tea Tree Water face toner contains balancing juniper berry water and brightening grapefruit water, to leave skin bright and free from spots. Use it for a quick, refreshing spritz or to remove any traces of your face mask or cleanser.

‘It helps balance out my skin tone, toning down any redness. I spray it directly onto my face rather than using a cotton pad and it feels really refreshing and have noticed that any spots I had have calmed down a lot.’<br>

Hebejeebies | Tea Tree Toner Water review

Step 5: Deeply Condition

Light Touch Solid Facial Oil is just the thing for promoting a clear, balanced complexion. Filled with Jojoba and meadowfoam oils (which are similar to natural sebum produced by the skin) means that this once melted on the skin, it quickly absorbed, so your skin feels fresh and smooth with each sweep.

"I picked up think naked facial oil about a month ago to use as a moisturiser and couldn’t be happier with it! I have combination to oily skin and so I was looking for something light yet moisturising to use before bed."<br>

RonnieKezarm1330_6890874 | Light Touch review

Step 6: Moisturise

Vanishing Cream has a light, gel-like texture, which is easily absorbed.  Cold pressed grapeseed oil is perfect for skin upsets and helps this face cream’s witch hazel, neroli oil and organic jojoba oil permeate the skin’s layer.

My face is a combination of an oily T-zone with blackheads and normal skin closer to the jawlines. But it still can get super dry because of the weather, water or whatever mood it has today. This pot saves me every day.<br>

Annaiww | Vanishing Cream review

If you want to shop the full routine, you can find them HERE

P.S. Don’t want the fun to end?&nbsp;Sleepy Body Lotion&nbsp;rounds off the routine perfectly. Sweet tonka and soothing lavender are perfect before bed.

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