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Cinnamon Infusion


Cinnamon Infusion

Cinnamomum zeylanicum



This fiery red spice is all you need to warm up your body and gently cleanse. Cinnamon is cherished for its comforting, spicy aroma and stimulating properties on the skin and blood flow.

Cinnamon, also called Ceylon cinnamon, is a small evergreen shrub from the Laurel family. The tree is native to Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) and is mostly farmed for its bark, from which a warm, comforting spice is derived from. The outer bark is stripped away and left to dry out into copper-coloured curls. 

Cinnamon was once more valuable than gold and was very important in the spice trade. It was also often used in medicine and perfumery. According to the legend, cinnamon quills were used to make the nest of the mythical phoenix. The bird carried the cinnamon twigs to high mountain precipices and then set them on fire; both nest and bird burned fiercely and would be reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arose.

Today cinnamon is mostly used for flavouring food and drinks thanks to its warm, fragrant aroma, which has been proven to have an aphrodisiac effect. It is also an incredible cleansing herb with powerful antiseptic properties.

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