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Cold Water Soother

Bath Bomb

Cool down and recover

Cold Water Soother. A rounded, cube-shaped bath bomb with a lower diagonal half of crisp white and the top is a peachy-orange colour. There are visible flecks of Epsom salt throughout.
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AED 52.00

Re-energise your body and mind with a soothing magnesium bath, our first bath bomb specifically designed for cool water. The benefits of cold water bathing are well known – in the field of athletics and other sports, ice baths are thought to aid recovery and to reduce inflammation.

Magnesium is thought to alleviate joint stiffness, as well as aiding recovery and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), this makes it a great material to include in an invigorating bath – or a cool-down massage.

While your muscles enjoy some TLC, your mind can soak up the relaxation too. We've blended a reviving perfume of cypress, eucalyptus and dark Sumatran patchouli oils with geosmin: the compound responsible for the sweet, earthy smell of falling rain. Believed to be beneficial for the human mood, humans are especially sensitive to this grounding aroma, which can promote calmness and relaxation.

How to use:
Run your bath and pop this refreshing Epsom salt cube in, before letting the restorative waters run over your tired muscles.

How to store:
Store in a cool, dry place until you're ready for a relaxing bath.

*Patent pending for Lush Epsom Salt Cube.



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