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Someone massages vibrant purple Daddy-O shampoo into the back of their head, creating a mass of lilac coloured bubbles.



Banish brass with purple tones

A sample of vibrant, deep purple, Daddy-O shampoo, swirled with tiny bubbles dotted throughout.
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AED 75.00

"I have natural blonde hair and it really brightens it and makes it look straighter!" - leah.23x

"Smells divine, violet is my favourite scent! Whoever mixed this scent, consistency, everything is a genius. I’m a brunette so I don’t need a purple shampoo but my hair looks so shiny, the colour looks richer and I get compliments on how it smells. Even my hairdresser asked what shampoo I used because my hair was so healthy and shiny." - leilanibence02g

"Everything about this product is amazing. I cannot get enough! The smell and the way it makes you hair feel is great and so clean! I have brown hair and use this product to brighten my hair up and it does really work. It isn't just for blondes!" - michael.furnival1

How To Use:

Lather up in a violet-scented dream of shine-enhancing ingredients then rinse away thoroughly.




أعطوا لمنتجاتكم حياة جديدة وأعيدوها إلى متاجر لّش مُقابل رصيد مُشتريات صالح للاستخدام في نفس الزيارة.

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سيتم حماية طلباتكم وإحاطتها بمواد الـ "إيكو بوبس" القابلة للتحلُل والتي تذوب بسهولة في التربة والماء.

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