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Dragon's Egg

Bath Bomb

Eggciting citrus and gold

Dragon's Egg. A round, cream coloured bath bomb. Fragments of coloured rice paper confetti pieces are visible.
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AED 50.00

No mythical creatures were harmed for this Dragon Egg bath bomb! Made with mood-brightening lemon and bergamot oils, as well as an extra crackle of popping candy, your next bath time will be off the scale!

How to use:
Release this dragon into your bath water for citrus fizzes, before it releases a glittery orange roar.

How to store:
This dragon wants to be kept in a cool and dark environment before you awaken in it your bath tub.

Did you know?
For popping candy to get its crackle effect, tiny pieces of hard candy are filled with gas. When this is put in water the candy dissolves and cracks open, releasing the tiny little carbon dioxide bubble in a sizzling sound!




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