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Blockbuster baths

A sacred space to share gossip and navigate life, a ritzy hotel bathtub filled with heaps of bubbles, or those jumpy throw-your-popcorn-in-the-air horror moments - the bathroom is the setting for many pivotal media moments. Here’s a round up of some of our best-loved bathing scenes from film and TV.

Far from the seclusion and privacy of our own bathrooms, bathrooms in media give us an insight into people when they’re at their most raw. They expose relationships between friends and lovers, conversations we wouldn’t normally be privy to, or those steamy scenes that certainly are NSFW. Of course, with this intimacy comes a chance to shock and scare. Movie villains creep up on the naked and vulnerable (we already know which shower-curtain movie flashback has probably popped in your head) and we’re all too familiar with the use of bathroom mirrors in horror films.

So, whether we’re hiding behind the sofa from the bathroom bogeymen or hooked on romantic restroom rendezvous, here's a roundup of some of the most iconic on-screen bathing moments. What are you waiting for? Dip in!

Pretty Woman

We had to start with a 90s classic. Blissfully unaware that billionaire Edward (Richard Gere) is watching her, Vivian (Julia Roberts) tunelessly sings along to Prince’s “Kiss” while sat beneath a mound of bubbles in a HUGE bath. Aside from giving us all bathtub envy, this uplifting rom com is absolutely the right thing to watch while enjoying a bath, just don’t skimp on the bubbles!

Fact: We can all relate to being caught jamming to our favourite songs, but while filming the scene, the film crew pranked Roberts and actually left the room while she rocked out to Prince.

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Most of us would agree that if someone runs a bath for you, it feels so much better than doing it yourself - something Chandler experiences in this classic scene from Friends. Unable to understand why Monica loves taking a bath so much (I know, we were baffled too), she tries to convert him by running him a bubble bath complete with bath salts, candles and some Enya. Won over by the magical experience, Chandler tries to run himself a bath a few days later, but ends up getting everything wrong, saying: “The water’s tepid, the salt didn’t dissolve and it’s now...lodged places”. Next time you’re thinking of running a bath, let someone else do it for you for an even better soak.

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God is a woman - Ariana Grande

Okay, technically it’s not a bathtub, but if the swirling purple water in the music video for God is a Woman doesn’t give you all the #BathArt feels then what will? Following a tweet from Ariana herself, LUSH product inventor and chief digital director Jack Constantine created Goddess, a bath bomb inspired by the music video, so you can bathe in a psychedelic lilac bath just like Ariana.

What Lies Beneath

*Spoiler alert* Few bathing moments are as tense as this one. Far from the loveable characters we’re used to seeing Harrison Ford play, he stars as a Dr Norman Spencer in this supernatural horror from 2000, a university research scientist with a dark secret. We won’t give the plot away, but expect to be on the edge of your seat watching Michelle Pfeiffer try to pull the plug from a fast filling bathtub using just her toe (you’ll have to watch it to know more). Don’t blame us if you don’t fancy stepping foot in a bathroom for a while after this watch.

Fact: The bathtub in the film actually shows an overflow drain, meaning in real life, the bath probably wouldn’t have filled up as high as in the scene...

For the darkest bath we can, try the dark waters of Black Rose.


If you’re in need of something a little fluffier after all that suspense, here’s your favourite bear. We don’t really need to explain this one, but what could be better than Paddington bear familiarising himself with an urban bathroom before riding down a staircase in a roll top bath? Inspired by the marmalade-loving bear?

Fact: In the original books, Paddington’s bath simply overflows - far less dramatic than the extravagant scene in the animated film.

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We couldn’t talk about bathroom scenes without mentioning the TV series Girls. The show is packed with them. Never one to shy away from nudity, director and star of the series Lena Dunham uses the bathroom scenes in Girls to reveal some of the most emotional and intimate moments of the show, from evolving friendships and relationships, to arguments and seduction.

Heck, the series’ pilot even opened with a bathroom scene, where best friends Hannah and Marnie chat in the bath, Hannah enjoying a cupcake and Marnie shaving her legs. Throughout Girls, bathrooms offer room to share secrets and feelings...and let’s face it, many of us can relate to cramming into a nightclub toilet with friends just to get the latest gossip.

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The Shape of Water

A Frankensteinesque fairy tale by Guillermo del Toro, The Shape of Water tells the story of janitor Elisa, who forms a unique relationship with an amphibious creature being held in captivity.

Thanks to its watery nature, there are a few bathroom scenes in this surreal but magical film, but one scene is particularly memorable. The bathroom is depicted as a place of refuge and water is a comforting force in the film. In her desire for the creature, Elisa plugs the bathroom door with towels and floods the bathroom so they can be together. How’s that for romance?

Fact: The scene was actually filmed underwater in a big human fish tank. Actors Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones had to make their way to the surface to take a breath before diving back under to film this fanciful scene.

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Your time to shine...

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